Our four-phase roadmap will help you identify where you sit on the path to social domination, and how to supercharge your strategy

Chart depicting walk, jog, run, sprint — the four phase roadmap to social domination
Chart depicting walk, jog, run, sprint — the four phase roadmap to social domination

The ever-evolving nature of social media can make it an abstruse beast for brands to master in a way that fuels sustainable commercial outcomes. And this challenge is exacerbated if you haven’t benchmarked your social media maturity and developed a blueprint to focus your energy.

In a perfect world, social should be your most cost-effective channel to understand audiences, attract new customers, provide smart customer service, and nurture loyalty.

But too often it just isn’t given the opportunity to be successful. For a lot of brands, social looks good on the surface, but when we dig under the hood, we…

If you want to benchmark your content marketing ecosystem, measurement and operating model, this is a must-read. We detail the four phases to embed a content strategy you can scale and monetise.

‘Sprint’ is the sacrosanct content ground, where only the best of the best can play.

The most common challenge we see brands of all sizes struggling with is how to progress from simply ‘doing’ content to embedding a sophisticated content marketing ecosystem they can scale and monetise — ideally, as quickly as possible.

Larger brands, in particular, are impatient to move from experimentation to sophistication. They aspire to emulate marketing behemoths such as one of our content crushes Santander (more on them below), but often lack a clear blueprint on how to fast-track their maturity.

This is understandable because unless you’ve lived and breathed the experience of building a content operation, plotting the granularity to…

We’ve written extensively about the importance of an authentic purpose that’s commercially aligned. We explain our mission and six core rules. While not as noble as the samurai’s bushido, they’re considerably less opaque than values.

Our mission and core rules are ULab’s version of the samurai’s bushido.

Esteemed US management consultant and author Patrick Lencioni wrote one of the more insightful articles on corporate values almost 20 years ago.

In Make your values mean something, he stated: “Most values statements are bland, toothless, or just plain dishonest. And far from being harmless, as some executives assume, they’re often highly destructive. Empty values statements create cynical and dispirited employees, alienate customers, and undermine managerial credibility.”

He subsequently highlighted how homogeneous values often are, as evidenced by the fact that “55% of all Fortune 100 companies claim integrity is a core value, 49% espouse customer satisfaction, and 40% tout…

We peel back the content marketing kimono and reveal how AustralianSuper developed emotional territories that are optimised across paid, owned and earned channels.

AustralianSuper’s resident content marketing superstar Holly Jones and ULab’s Matt Allison teamed up at Mumbrella360 recently to unveil how the fund is leveraging emotion to bring its brand value proposition to life.

In a whirlwind 30 minutes, the pair traversed the ‘attention economy’, how data is content marketing’s cornerstone, the process AustralianSuper undertook to develop emotional territories, and how these insights can be optimised across all paid, owned and earned channels.

“I loved sharing how focused content strategy and execution needs to be a core element of an integrated marketing mix,” Holly says. …

A focus on survival has replaced consumerism. Yet too many marketers still have their head shoved squarely up their ass. Here are 20 tips for marketers to navigate COVID-19.

(Note: This article was originally published in April 2020, at the start of COVID-19 in Australia.)

The overwhelming majority of Australian businesses are in — hopefully short-term — freefall thanks to COVID-19, and some marketers are struggling.

And business sentiment is largely mirrored society-wide, albeit on a personal note. Our concern for our health, finances, family and future is palpable.

We’ve raced to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and our once rampant consumerism has been replaced by a focus on survival.

Yet despite this, or potentially in some perverse way because of it, too many marketers are still…

We break down the optimum role of content marketing within an integrated ecosystem. Learn how to better engage customers, build sustainable brand value, and sell more effectively and efficiently.

The customer ecosystem to acquire, retain and delight customers.

It feels like content marketing has become the new black in recent years, and almost everyone is a self-professed expert. (And yes, I’m guilty as charged too.)

I love content and content marketing. I think it’s a beautiful mechanism to engage customers, build brand love, and ultimately drive business outcomes.

So it might surprise you to hear that a lot of the time, I tend to agree that content marketing is the latest fad, delivering underwhelming results.

Content as a standalone is better than doing nothing. …

Matt Allison

Founder of Ubiquity Lab. We help with the marketing trifecta: customer, brand and business outcomes. We’ll give you an unfair advantage. www.ubiquitylab.co

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